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Be an institution with a culture of mutual care and commitment, a satisfying and excellent work environment and continuous learning opportunities in the field of higher education.

To enable all the classes of society to have the privilege of higher education beyond the barriers of caste, creed and gender


Making students responsible citizens with their career and personality development.

To make the tribal and disadvantaged students aware of their rights and social responsibilities.


To bridge the gap between tribal and urban cultures by encouraging dialogue between them through education.

To create and maintain the relevance of humanities, social sciences and commerce in the present scenario of science and technology.

To prepare students for under-graduate and post-graduate degree in Arts and Commerce faculties.

To encourage the students to strengthen their classroom learning through various activities to get them equipped for employment opportunities or self-employment.

To undertake extension services to promote socio-economic, cultural development of the tribal and disadvantaged in particular and society in general.